About my Moscow excursions

I will be glad to show you round Moscow as I was born here and know a lot about its history. Moscow megapolis has probably becoming the most exciting and entertaining place, with a well-developed network of retaurants, entertaining sector and Moscow escorts services, besides Moscow is an ancient city - a historical and architecrtural monument in itself,the center of cultural,music and theatre life with a plenty of theaters,museums and conservatories.
Restaurant culture had always been developed in Moscow but the October Revolution of 1917 stopped in a way this tradition, now it's been restored. The design ranges from being very faciful to democratic, all world known kinds of cusine you will find here.

Architectural ensembles of Moscow have become the symbol of Russia and its legend. Russian Balley (the Bolshoi Theater) is one more thing that is worth while seeing, being in Moscow. Music connoisseurs will find talented musicians and large repertoire in the Moscow music halls.

Moscow escort nightlife attracts by its variety, its colourful and flamboyant character is a guarantee of new experiences.A great variety of night clubs and strib(go-go) bars, you can find the club with the music style up to your taste: from jazz and blues to the techno and the disco of the 80-ies

Moscow is an ancient city, there is a lot to see and to learn. Moscow has an old town, Kitai-Gorod, that is full of legends and charming buildings, Red Square, that has long become the symbol of Russia, the Kremlin with its inside town, University Area Parks, old walking areas such as Old Arbat, for example, Moscow Reservations where there used to live Russian princes and princesses and that became a musem area now with beautiful parks and subject of old times, and many other places of interest each of which has its own history. Moscow Metro is famous all over the world as well. Your beautiful Moscow escort guide-translator will be glad to introduce you into all this fun and culture.