About Independent Vip Elegant Moscow Escort Ilona

Hello !
I am Ilona , in the Greek antique mythology that means " light" , and though I was born in a cold, considered to be northern country, I am very much fond of sunshine, smiles and I am a rather temperamental young Russian Lady. Light and brightness that's what I allways bring into life and create around .I will be glad to relax together with you and to have some fun . ;-) I will do everything to help you to relax and have much fun .

I have BA in English language, English Literature and Culture , I speak English fluently on the profesional linguistic level .

I am a student now, doing my MBA and provide escort as a hobby regarding the additional income as a simple convinience and being fond of erotic adventures.I believe that to a big extent it's due to communication that we develop our personality, acquiring new and sometimes very precious experience, so I like meeting new people and enjoy the company of educated and friendly Gentlemen (and couples) .
I am open for new experiences and erotic adventures !

I have a lot of interests, such as Music , Literature and History. Fashion is one of them, I am a professional photomodel , I have beautifully shaped body , with feminine seductive curves , and know how with its help and a number of nice sweet secrets to bring pleasure and enjoyment to you. I have incredibly long and beautiful legs astonishingly beautiful breasts, seductively luxurios blond long hair, friendly and caring character, I will be very glad to make your mood rise up (and not only that… ;-) with the help of all these innumerated "modest" qualities . ;-)

Men cast long glances when I am walking along the street , tall and slim , with long blond hair or stroll in my bikini on the seabeach . .......You will also be excited to see me in sexy outfit and beautiful lingerie........

I was born in Moscow and I am a born Moscovite , I know its history not only from books but also from my own experience, I have a car and will be glad to show you around city, to be your guide and to organize your time here.(The Bolshoi Theater, exhibitions, museums, clubs, restaurants etc. ) I am fonf of History and know a lot about Moscow , its acitectural monuments (the Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Saviour's, Observation Platform, Moscow Metro ,other places of interests ) You could find more information about it in my page : A trip round Moscow

I very much believe that I will be a good company for you as I am well-educated, have no language barrier due to my university qualification ,friendly , cheerful and very much eager to make your erotic fantasies come true !

I am also a chic and stylish young Lady, have excellent taste in clothes, dress very descreet and elegantly .

I am a romantic person and like calm , sometimes mysterious and sometimes cosy atmosphere, depending on my mood.

I have sensitive and strong hands, you will love my erotic and relaxing message (if you like it), I like trim underwear as I already mentioned though consider that female body (if it's really beautiful and seductive-like ) is better than anything !

That's all for now,
I will be happy to meet with the Gentlemen who have read all what is written here and have understood that they want to meet me (I hope that the photos will help to make such a decision ;-) ) .
To the others I will say thank you for your time and hope that you liked my site. My contact information and Gifts you will find there.

Be so kind to notice the following:
I will answer only the serious enquiries that will include the dates of our meeting (if you'd like to meet me in Moscow) and concrete suggestions.
I will be glad if you begin your letter with the small introduction that would contain such details as your name ( possible surname ), age, country and your occupation. I think it would be fair as you at least know some details about me and in this way could provide me with some information in return.

Age: 24 years old
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kilos
Education University degree
Languages English fluently
Hobbies: Music (from classics prefer Chaikovsky, Mozart, Bakh, Chopin, Vivaldi,Verdi,Rossini). I am fond of History and Psychology.
Interests Sports, dancing, funk, electronics, house, I have been into athletics since I was 7 years, then stopped
additional infor: non-smoker
Drinks Champagne, Cocktails
Lingerie Cotton Club,La Perla,Christian Dior,
Shirley,Long Avenue,
Victoria's Secret